What To Do in Rochester NY

What is The Best Ride to Explore and What To Do in Rochester NY City

Rochester is one of the best counties in New York City. Whether you are in for business or just visiting the sites, you will need an experienced yellow cab driver to give you a tour of the City.

Most visits are short, however; Rochester will give you an experience like no other. Planning your trip is always essential to take full advantage of the city. There are several spots where you can find a cab in Rochester.

If you are in a remote location with less traffic and have trouble finding a cab, then you can just request for one through a call. Most companies have listed cab numbers online routed over an exchange line where they route the nearest cab to you.

This a convenient way to comfortably get a ride while you wait. You might want to watch any delays since this time will be charged. Once you cab arrives, it is best to just get on with it. The good thing about this is that you might not be charged for the trip to you once you request unless you are in a very remote location where the cab driver will ask for extra pay.

In the City, Airport, or near a hotel finding a cab is easy, and you just need to Hail one. It is easier said than done, I’ve seen people loose cabs just because they couldn’t give a good Hail. Some people think that standing on the streets and waving will get you a cab. In some situations, this might work. However, it is not always the case. A good hail will never disappoint.

The hail challenge.

When several people are on the street looking to get a cab, a good hail is the only thing that will save you from waiting too long.

Hailing does not necessarily mean yelling at the top of your lungs. It could be just but a sound wave at an oncoming cab while trying to get eye contact with the driver. Most Cabs are on the lookout so sure you do it right that you can be ahead of anyone else looking to get a cab.

When the sign on the roof of a cab is lit on, it means that it is available for the taking. You can check this by looking at the taxi medallion on the roof of the cab.


Most cab rides in Rochester are affordable, and it is best to ask your cab driver for the best route to your destination especially if you are in a hurry. Cabs are slower than commuter trains. You need to watch the meter so that you don’t get charged beyond the stipulated meter rate.

Some commuter routes have fixed rates, mostly trips to the airport from the city or to a hotel. Most base fares do not exceed $2.50 add that plus a $0.50 for every 1/5 of a mile when the cab is moving slowly.

If the Cab is Stuck in traffic, then a $1 fee is attracted for every 4 minutes or if the cab is moving less than five mph.

Then are other different charges that apply to the state tax and different time rates. For example, you may have to pay more if you take a cab on a weekday night compared to regular business hours.

How to treat your cab driver

In most cases, Cab drivers will respect passenger space and allow several annoying habits, however, some golden traits will make the driver have peace of mind.

Sometimes a simple gesture like a hello greetings warms up the car, once you board the taxi just say hello and your destination and the cab driver will start the timer and head straight to your desired location.

Inside the Cab, you can choose to have a conversation with the driver; however, if the cab driver is hesitant to converse then you can just keep to yourself. Most cab drivers love the silence. This is because driving in the city requires high concentration.

Cab rides are always exciting; the way drivers maneuver traffic and routes to get you to your destination always makes me enjoy the city more. I always recommend a cab ride especially if you want to tour the city. You can always alight and enjoy one location and catch another Cab to the next destination.

At the end of the day be sure to complement your driver with a good tip, and maybe you can make a friend who will always be there for you when you need a ride.

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