How to Get Energized

Tips How to Get Energized Through The Day

Planning your day can be essential to having a perfect energized day. Many people think its all about the breakfast you take, Well, don’t get me wrong Breakfast is essential. However, breakfast can’t keep you composed when things just go wrong.

So what is the best plan? Many plans are available it just depends on what works for you. Yoga smoothies Jogs are just a few stuff that people prefer to do and take to keep them active through the day.

Sometimes you get swarmed that you cannot get an opportunity to take some lunch. In such a situation it is essential to be prepared for such a situation. Here are a few tips to keep you energized throughout the day.

1.    Blend Your Energy Drink.

Breakfast is vital, however, it is essential to have a drink to hydrate you for the day. On shelf energy drinks are filled with toxins that are not good for your body.

I recommend some fruit juices like orange juice mixed with any other nutritious fruits just as long as you don’t add any sugar and don’t filter all the fiber.

2.    Exercise

Exercise always does it for me. Every morning try to do some exercise whether it is some squats, pushups or a jog around your block. Exercise will always keep you active throughout the day.

It is actually the best way to start a day before engaging in any activities. If you happen to have late just do a quick 5 min routine like jumping rope, sit-ups or any stretch methods you may know of. This will keep you physically fit and tune your body for the day.

3.    Know your Productivity levels

They say to make a habit you have to train the mind for some time. It is normal to feel tired during the day. That is just your body telling you to take a short break. However, in my line of work, there are no breaks just long hours in my Cab

I often slack off anytime I take lunch, this used to take a toll on me before I developed the routine. I used to park my Cab and take a short nap which would often extend into my time, which I would regret later.

I later learned to beat the exhaustion by breaking the daily routine; I go off duty for an hour and do my errands

4.    Carry Packed Lunch

Over time you will realize that any fast food you try to eat is probably junk food. I learned the hard way.

Once you are ready to cut off the junk, make yourself a sandwich or salad. Make sure to use fresh food and any lean protein.This will not only save you money but it will also keep you healthy as well as energized throughout the day.

Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. You can do this by taking plenty of water or water-based juices like homemade apple juice or watermelon juice.

5.    Watch out for any addictive compounds.

Be careful not to consume lots of starchy food, sugar, salt caffeine or alcohol. Too much of it is harmful as stated by almost every nutritionist. They, however, suck your energy since their metabolizing process Is strenuous to the body making you feel tired.

6.    Get enough sleep.

Sleep is the only break you need. A good night sleep will relax your brain and entire body. This creates enough energy for the next day.

There are pretty basic routines available online. But the most important is to train yourself to be fully productive and energized all through the day. The only way you will maximize your time is by having a routine that suits you.

Be sure to let me know how It goes or any more tips you might need.

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