About me

I am a cab veteran; a small part of my life has been spent as a cab driver. I must admit It is not what I expected when I started the job. I had heard so many stories and scary experiences, which did not make it easy to make the move, however, this was far from what I experienced.

For almost a month I had pondered over the idea of being a cab driver, whenever I asked for advice I got several mixed reactions but the negative advice is what worried me. I guess I had already made up my mind and just needed a consolation.
I joined yellow cabs on commission, and at first, it was tough, but once I understood how it works, I managed to earn a decent living from it. Why I started yellowcabmedcity.com? It is to provide a demystifying platform for my colleagues to share their experiences.I understand that this is not a perfect job and there are a unique set of challenges that come with the job. However, with caution just like any other job, you can have a normal day.

I welcome you to share your story/experience in a world of technology all it takes is just a phone, and a mouthpiece who knows your background might just provide a solution to someone in need.